Online casinos in Asia

Online gambling in Asia become more and more popular

It’s no surprise that gambling is extremely popular in Asia. Asians love to gamble and often have often sought the thrill at land based casinos such as Las Vegas or more recently Macau*. Macau is the new Las Vegas and it’s popularity is growing quickly.

MacauMacau*Macau is a region on a small island west of Hongkong in southern China. The reason that Macau exists is because the previous gambling regulation has been removed, allowing foreign casinos to enter the market. They call it the Las Vegas of Asia.

In the past there hasn’t been that many online casinos accepting Asian players but this is about to change. Already now a handful of foreign online casinos have started to accept Japanese players. In Japan gambling is restricted and for that reason there are no land based casinos currently operating. However it’s very hard for the government to regulate online gambling and this has made it able for gambling loving Japanese to take their thrills online. The only problem is that it can sometimes be hard for Japanese players to know which casinos that are safe and accept players from Japan. Due to this issue there has been a couple of online casino review sites popping up lately. One of them is BtheCasinoギャンブルサイトのガイド. They are relatively new but have risen in popularity due to their extensive and honest reviews. There is also information about all sorts of gambling related material, such as the most popular video slots, how to play Live Casino etc.

people-playing-roulette-in-land-based-casinoThere has been discussions in the Japanese government to make it legal to run land based casinos since that would increase the country’s revenue. The reason why gambling is regulated is because they feel that if gambling got legal, then too many people would end up in a gambling addiction. One can argue that it doesn’t matter if it’s regulated or not because if you are a gambling addicts, then you will find places to gamble anyways.

I think that in a couple of years we will see land based casinos in Japan but that they will be owned by the Government. I don’t think that foreign casinos will be able to operate there. Japan is a traditional country that doesn’t want too much foreign influence. In the end this will heavily boost the economy of Japan and make it flourish.

The fun of online gambling

online gambling

Did you know that mankind has been gambling as long as we can remember? It’s something that we enjoy doing and it’s built into our DNA. We love the excitement of winning, especially when we win something out of nothing. This is exactly what gambling is all about. Nowadays we have Las Vegas and Maccau where people every single day search fort fortune and adrenaline kicks.

People gamble more and more. Over the past 4-6 years a lot of online casinos have also hit the market and now gambling is everywhere. They are selling the dream of becoming a millionaire and have all your worries washed away.

It will be reallyselling dreams with jackpots interesting to see how gambling develops over the next 10 years. Only time will tell.

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